Thursday, January 6, 2011


When I heard the news I was shocked and grieved. Yet I believed that this new awareness of what’s at stake here would make us unite more and realize that this no longer concerns a group of people but each and every one of us. This was not the case. We are divided more than ever! Suddenly we all identify with each other through labels. I am "Muslim" and he/she is a "Christian". We are all Labelled Muslims and Christians. We the Muslims are reaching out to  they "the Christians"! I never really identified myself as a Muslim but now I am stuck with this label. So many others who are not really concerned with religion are suddenly Muslims reaching out for the Christians or vice versa. Well then if we are to deal with it this way, then what if I am half Muslim and half Christian i.e. my mother is Christian and my father is Muslim. Do I reach out to the Christians and tell them I am there for them? Or should I be the one pitied here?

We the Egyptians are on the brink of a civil war. We the People are in danger of losing our dignity (what’s left of it anyway). We the people are being manipulated and lowered into division and fragmentation by a much greater and corrupter entity. This is what we should fight against here. We fight for unity and against division. The only labels we should carry are "US” “WE” “THE PEOPLE”. If I am to take to the streets on the 7th of January it is not to try and protect a minority group. I am trying to protect what’s left of my country. I am trying to defend my right as a human being to believe in whatever I want without being condemned or discriminated against in my Country!

I am not a Muslim,
I am not a Christian,
I am not a Jew...
I am an Egyptian,
I am an Arab,
I am a human Being!